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Our Mission 

To provide prompt, quality, and professional service to our clients at a competitive price.  We pride ourself in honesty and fairness.

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About | OMNI Cart Services

OMNI Cart Services Inc.: Serving the continental U.S. for over 35 years…

OMNI Cart Services provides cleaning and repair services on shopping carts and support equipment for grocery stores, hardware stores, mass merchandisers and distribution centers.   Additionally, we clean condenser and HVAC units, provide sidewalk and exterior building cleaning, and provide electric handicap cart maintenance.  We are frequently contacted to provide warrantee service for many of the manufacturers of carts and equipment.  
Our History  - Over 35 years experience
OMNI Cart Services, Inc. originally began as Ohio Carts when two brothers, Keith and Craig Woolf, started the business back in April of 1983. The company started out with some inventory, one employee and a truck.  The original service area was focused in Ohio but quickly grew to cover the Northeastern U.S. and then spread to the entire continental US. In 2003, we changed our name to OMNI Cart Services, Inc. to reflect that national presence.  Currently, we operate thirteen locations across the country, providing repair and maintenance services in the 48 continental states.
Chuck Yarborough learns respect for the shopping cart: On the Job Training
Freelance writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Chuck Yarborough, joins the OMNI Cart Services crew for a day and discovers a day in the life of a shopping cart technician. Read Chuck Yarborough article of August 21st 2009 on

Why Choose OMNI Cart Services?

Our focus has always been on personal attention and service given to customers.  OMNI Cart Services has developed an excellent reputation for quality work and we are one of the largest national service companies in the U.S. market.

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Consistent Quality & VALUE

If you are a regional chain, a national chain or an independent store looking for consistent quality at reasonable prices, then OMNI Carts is right for you.  We provide uniformed, mobile service crews in late-model company vans to perform your maintenance on-site.  OMNI uses top quality replacement parts and our trucks are loaded with extensive stock to complete most repairs on the first visit.

Professional Standards

OMNI foremen are professionally-trained company employees with years of experience. They are given the flexibility to perform their jobs independently and the structure to ensure the job is done to your specifications. Our technicians are trained in MIG welding and the inspection and repair of Gatekeeper/Carttronic wheels and accessories. Every technician is a certified Safe-Strap Installer, tested yearly in the proper inspection and installation of shopping cart seat belts. They are also certified by BASMAA in water reclamation.

Your satisfaction is our goal

We provide complete administrative support from our main office, including scheduling, invoicing and customer service.  If any problems or issues arise during service or are brought up in our customer follow-up, we take action to address and resolve these issues. Your satisfaction is our goal.

We Provide a Wide Range of Store Maintenance Services

Types of Community Industries That Use Our Services:

mass merchanideser cart repair
grocery store cart repair
home improvement center cart repair
retail store cart repair
factory outlet shopping cart repair
home-n-garden cart repair
Nursey Shopping Cart Repair
factories that need caster repair
university cart repair
distribution centers cart repair
warehouse cart repair
bakery cart repair services

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