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Condenser Cleaning Services

A regularly scheduled condenser cleaning program will improve operating efficiency in a/c and refrigeration systems, resulting in dramatic energy cost savings.

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Condenser Cleaning | OMNI Cart Services

OMNI Cart Services, Inc: Condenser Cleaning

A condenser is a heat exchanger commonly found in refrigeration and ventilation systems.  It is used to cool refrigerant as it is pumped through hollow coils surrounded by tightly-packed metallic fins. Condenser coils are exposed to unfiltered outdoor air,and collect dirt, pollen and dust on the surface of the condenser fins. Shedding cottonwood trees in the spring time are frequently the cause of surface debris in North America.

Why clean your condensers? Dirty coils greatly reduce the cooling ability of the air moving across the condenser coils. They cause compressors to work harder and run more often, decreasing their efficiency. This will lead to higher electricity consumption and increase store operating costs. A compressor that runs more often can also lead to mechanical failure sooner. You can save money by having your condensers cleaned on a regular basis.

Why Choose OMNI For Condenser Cleaning?

Before the visit, OMNI will call the store manager to schedule your service date.  We will also notify your maintenance mechanic if applicable. On your service date, OMNI will check-in with the store manager and we will complete a Condenser Cleaning worksheet while surveying the facility.

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Consistent Quality & VALUE

OMNI Cart Services is an ideal choice for condenser cleaning. We can set up a maintenance schedule to have your condensers cleaned on a regular basis. Our technicians are trained in the proper procedures to clean both refrigeration racks and a/c condenser units. We use hot-water, low-pressure washers without harsh chemicals to clean your units. This is especially important for stores with rubber roofs, which can be damaged from strong chemicals. We clean the units from the inside out, taking care to use the correct psi as well as the correct angles of spray.

Professional Standards

General procedures will be followed, always taking into account any special circumstances. Our crews will shut down any necessary units before cleaning. Once all the work is completed, OMNI will clean up the work areas and double check that power has been restored to all units.


Condenser cleaning is often overlooked as more urgent maintenance and repair-related issues arise. Don’t neglect your condensers, call OMNI today!  You can be assured that our technicians possess the required knowledge and skills to do the job right.

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