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OMNI Cart Services, Inc: Employment

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Working at OMNI Cart Services

Our focus has always been on personal attention and service given to customers.  OMNI Cart Services has developed an excellent reputation for quality work and we are one of the largest national service companies in the U.S. market.

Professional Standards

OMNI foremen are professionally-trained company employees with years of experience. They are given the flexibility to perform their jobs independently and the structure to ensure the job is done to your specifications. Our technicians are trained in MIG welding and the inspection and repair of Gatekeeper/Carttronic wheels and accessories. Every technician is a certified Safe-Strap Installer, tested yearly in the proper inspection and installation of shopping cart seat belts. They are also certified by BASMAA in water reclamation.

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Build your Career At omni Cart Services

OMNI Cart employees make up a team of hard-working, experienced professionals whose top priority is customer satisfaction.  We take pride in our jobs and our number one goal is to provide consistent, high-quality service to the customers we serve.

We look for new team members who are dependable, customer-focused and willing to learn our business.  If you have a good work-ethic, good communication skills and the ability to work well with others, you can build a career at OMNI Cart Services, Inc. We provide on-the-job training and opportunities for advancement.

OMNI Cart Services offers paid training, competitive wages, holiday and vacation pay, tuition assistance, medical and dental plans, a flexible spending plan and a 401K retirement plan.

We Provide a Wide Range of Store Maintenance Services

Types of Community Industries That Use Our Services:

mass merchanideser cart repair
grocery store cart repair
home improvement center cart repair
retail store cart repair
factory outlet shopping cart repair
home-n-garden cart repair
Nursey Shopping Cart Repair
factories that need caster repair
university cart repair
distribution centers cart repair
warehouse cart repair
bakery cart repair services

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